Community Maintenance Program/Sex Offender (CMP-SO)

The CMP-SO program is an extension of the Integrated Correctional Program Model (ICPM). The CMP-Sex Offender Program targets men who have been assessed as having a risk of reoffending sexually. The program consists of 12 groups as well as individual sessions.

Each group session is two hours long. The program is designed to teach participants the skills required to reduce risky sexual and harmful behaviours. It also helps participants address their attitudes and beliefs using cognitive behavioural skills. Participants are able to reconsider ways to manage behaviours and develop interpersonal, communication and coping skills.

Referrals are received from Correctional Services Canada only.

This program is funded by Correctional Service Canada.

If you have been referred to the program, or would like to get more information, please contact 226-219-6421.
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